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This campaign guide provides rules for playing a squad of clone troopers in the Clone Wars Era. It primarily uses Fantasy Flight’s Age of Rebellion game system with various modifications. It also makes use of Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny for additional rules. To effect a Clone Wars Era setting, simply read all references to the Rebel Alliance in the source material as references to the Galactic Republic and treat any mention of the Galactic Empire as a reference to the Separatist Confederacy.

Major changes are provided on these pages:

This campaign adds a number of house rules designed to affect the specific setting and game balance.

  • Talent Cost: All talents cost 5 less XP to buy; that means all specializations provide their top four talents free. This does not apply to force talents. This rule intends to increase the number of talents in play and make additional specializations more viable for their cost.
  • Multiple Attacks: This campaign restricts the number of hits a character can inflict with the result of a single combat roll. This affects any system that allows additional hits by expending ADVANTAGE, systems like the Auto-Fire and Linked weapon qualities or the Sarlacc Sweep talent. The cost is now 2 ADVANTAGE for the second hit, 3 ADVANTAGE for the third hit, 4 ADVANTAGE for the fourth hit, and so on. A character hitting a total of three times (two bonus hits) with Auto-Fire would have to spend five ADVANTAGE. This cost cannot be reduced by talents or by equipment modifications or effects.
  • Munitions Weight: Explosive munitions built to fire from launchers, like missiles, rockets, mortar rounds, and propelled grenades, are “incidental” items. This normally means carrying 10 of them amounts to a single point of Encumbrance, but this campaign modifies their weight. Each missile, rocket, or mortar round counts as 4 incidental items when calculating Encumbrance and each launcher-fit grenade counts as 2 incidental items. Only extra explosive munitions are counted this way; ammunition carried within the launching weapon is contemplated in the Encumbrance of the weapon. Under normal conditions, efficient storage of incidentals effectively halves their contribution to Encumbrance, but in this case, the additional weight of the magazines these items are efficiently stored in offsets that benefit.

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