New Equipment

The following weapons are available to troopers


Skill: Gunnery; Damage: 13; Critical: 2; Range: Extreme; Encumbrance: 8; Hard Points: 4; Price: 7,500 (Restricted); Rarity: 8; Special: Cumbersome 5, Linked 3, Pierce 2

The reciprocating quad blaster, informally the “Cip-Quad,” is a recently developed weapon of experimental design. Four large reciprocating blaster barrels project from the torso of the user, utilizing the trooper himself as a heavy weapons platform. The Cip-Quad’s four barrels can be fired one or two at a time depending on the rotation pattern selected, applying a withering stream of fire.

A special harness, purchased separately, is required for the user to hold the weapon and reach the firing apparatus (see the Weapon Harness Weapon Attachment in Age of Rebellion). The harness’ back mounts a large power cell and a tank to cycle coolant to the weapon. The harness straps feature microrepulsorlifts and by-wire systems connecting to a heads-up display, reducing recoil and facilitating smoother target tracking and operation.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn XX-4 Quad Blaster

Grenade Launcher

Skill: Ranged (Heavy); Damage: —; Critical: —; Range: Long; Encumbrance: 3; Hard Points: 3; Price: 500; Rarity: 6; Special: Limited Ammo 12

This carbine-sized weapon is served by a large rotary clip built to house specially-made grenades. The weapon noticeably extends a grenadier’s range and rate of attack.

The Grenade Launcher fires grenades. Its ammunition must be specially made to fit grenade launchers, but it otherwise has no cost beyond that of standard grenades.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn 4.4/HH-4/RD-4, Merr-Sonn GL-11/GL-11sa, Relby-v10 Micro Launcher

Heavy Grenade Launcher

Skill: Gunnery; Damage: —; Critical: —; Range: Long; Encumbrance: 7; Hard Points: 4; Price: 4,000; Rarity: 6; Special: Auto-Fire, Cumbersome 5, Limited Ammo 60

The final stage of Clone Wars Era grenade launcher development, the heavy grenade launcher’s large capacity and high rate of fire allow its user to dominate the battlefield. It is particularly effective for suppressing hot landing zones, a favorite door-gunner weapon during troop-landing actions. When used by infantry, a single trooper carries a back-mounted ammunition pack augmented with microrepulsorlift technology. Grenades feed to the weapon through an ammunition tube linking the weapon and the ammunition pack.

The Heavy Grenade Launcher fires grenades as ammunition. These must be specially made to fit grenade launchers, but otherwise have no cost beyond that of standard grenades. When used in Auto-Fire mode, the Heavy Grenade Launcher expends at least three rounds, even if the user scores fewer hits.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn MM-s3

Rocket Tube

Skill: Gunnery; Damage: 16; Critical: 2; Range: Extreme; Encumbrance: 5; Hard Points: 3; Price: 2,000 (Restricted); Rarity: 6; Special: Blast 8, Breach 1, Cumbersome 2, Limited Ammo 1, Prepare 1

The Rocket Tube is a very basic version of the Missile Tube. It is slightly smaller and loads only one projectile at a time. Rockets are also “dumb” weapons, lacking the sophisticated targeting and tracking equipment of missiles; troopers must employ careful aim to put the ordinance on target.

Models Include: Krupx Minimag

Rotary Blaster Cannon

Skill: Gunnery; Damage: 10; Critical: 3; Range: Long; Encumbrance: 7; Hard Points: 4; Price: 2,750 (Restricted); Rarity: 7; Special: Auto-fire (special), Cumbersome 4, Pierce 1, Prepare 1 (special)

Based on Mandalorian designs, the Rotary Blaster Cannon is a man-portable blaster minigun. It is usually wielded by heavy kit troopers. The weapon’s rotating barrels and advanced coolant pack allow the weapon to fire at a tremendous sustained rate.

The Rotary Blaster Cannon can only be used in Auto-Fire mode; it always incurs the resulting +1 Difficulty on attack checks. Due to the extremely high rate of fire, the Rotary Blaster Cannon user needs only spend Advantage to trigger each Auto-fire shot instead of AdvantageAdvantage

The Rotary Blaster Cannon requires a short amount of time for the barrels to spin up before it can be fired. This functions as the Prepare 1 weapon quality but has no effect if the weapon is already “active” (used in previous, consecutive turns); the user must perform one preparation maneuver before firing if the weapon was not fired in the previous turn.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn Z-6

Small Repeating Blaster

Skill: Ranged (Heavy); Damage: 8; Critical: 3; Range: Medium; Encumbrance: 3; Hard Points: 4; Price: 1,250 (Restricted); Rarity: 6; Special: Auto-Fire, Stun Setting

The Small Repeating Blaster takes the role of a rapid-fire personal defense weapon. This light carbine is often fitted with a Forearm Grip weapon attachment; its weight and compact design make the weapon ideal for close-quarter battles.

Models Include: SoroSub “Firelance”, WESTAR-M5

Medium Sniper Rifle

Skill: Ranged (Heavy); Damage: 10; Critical: 3; Range: Long; Encumbrance: 6; Hard Points: 4; Price: 2,750 (Restricted); Rarity: 7; Special: Accurate 1, Pierce 2, Slow Firing 1

This long-range blaster rifle usually features additional sighting hardware for exceptional accuracy in the hands of a sharpshooting specialist. The Medium Sniper Rifle cycles up its power before each shot, allowing the weapon to project high-intensity energy blasts capable of killing foes with single shots.

The Medium Sniper Rifle is usually optimized for long range sniping; the weapon can be upgraded to a Marksman Barrel at half that weapon attachment’s normal cost.

Models Include: BlasTech DC-15x, SaraSuub X-45, Verpine Sniper

Wrist Launcher

Skill: Ranged (Light); Damage: —; Critical: —; Range: Medium; Encumbrance: 0; Hard Points: 0; Price: 2,750 (Restricted); Rarity: 7; Special: Limited Ammo 3, Guided 3

Wrist launchers allow clone troopers to deliver grenade-sized munitions (rockets) with speed and precision. The small, finned projectiles are arrayed parallel on the outside of the armored gauntlet, allowing the user to fire them (over the back of the hand) in any sequence.

A wrist launcher can be loaded with ammunition having the same specifications as grenades, but each projectile costs five times the listed price.

Models Include: Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket System, Drolan Plasteel QuickShot Wrist-Caster


Jet Pack

Price: 4,500; Encumbrance: 2, Rarity: 7

A jet pack is ideal for fast maneuverability and surprise attacks. Most use small thrusters to blast into the air for short periods, though some augment this with anti-grav devices. Their only drawbacks are their large size and weight, limited fuel, and the not inconsiderable skill needed to pilot them safely.

A jet pack allows a person to function as a vehicle that can only operate in atmosphere (Silhouette 1, Speed 2, Handling 0, System Strain Threshold 3). It uses Piloting (Planetary) to operate.

Models Include: Mitrinomon Z-6

Suppression Shield

Skill: n/a; Damage: n/a; Critical: n/a; Range: n/a; Encumbrance: 4; Hard Points: 0; Price: 100; Rarity: 3; Special: Defensive 1, Deflection 1

Suppression Shields are typically crafted of heavy, hardened plastoid. They are ideal for troopers acting in crowd control situations, urban environments with little cover where troopers must get close to the enemy to use non-lethal attacks.

Models Include: Mandalorian Shock Trooper Shield

Under-Barrel Ascension Gun [Weapon Attachment]

Price: 125; Encumbrance: —, Rarity: 3

The ascension gun is an under-barrel attachment for a rifle or carbine weapon. It contains 45 meters of coiled syntherope fixed to an expanding-arm grapnel. When deployed, the grapnel fires from the launcher up to its maximum range, towing the syntherope behind it.

Base Modifiers: Enables weapon to fire the grapnel at any reasonably grapple-able static target within range, like a building ledge or antenna array, creating an ascension line or zip line. The attachment can rewind the syntherope with enough power to lift four unencumbered humanoids at once. Alternately, it can detach from the line’s base, turning the attached weapon into a rolling handle for a zip line descent.

Modification Options: None.

Hard Points Required: 2.

New Equipment

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