Character Creation

This page changes several character creation mechanics.


The player characters in this campaign are all clones, built to be soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. This makes their Backgrounds somewhat homogenous.

Clones are created and trained in a fraction of the time it takes to train humans. Because everyone plays clones in this campaign, each with the same origins and history, you will not have to provide a lengthy Background. Arkanian clone troopers share the same history up to the end of their flash training. At that point, they get only a few months of more specific, supplemental training.


Similar to Backgrounds, players should probably select a single Motivation for their whole group. It is likely that the whole squad was together when it experienced the events that inspired any particular Motivation.

On the other hand, this is one area where a clone can assert his individuality. If the trooper wants to stick out like a sore thumb, all he needs to do is insist on having a unique Motivation, whether at character creation or developed during play.


Clone soldiers don’t have the same torn or flexible loyalties as the revolutionary fighters in Age of Rebellion. They are all devoted members of an established military force, cast from the same die. These rules therefore take a slightly different approach to the Duty mechanic.

Starting Duty

Each member of the squad begins with 10 points of Duty.

Because all clones are foot soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, built to meet enemy soldiers on the field of battle, they all have the “Combat Victory” Duty type. Clones cannot take other types of Duty because their roles are so tightly defined. The Republic would hardly acknowledge a clone’s contributions in any other areas of the conflict.

Individual Duty

The Duty mechanic in Age of Rebellion represents how an established (rebel) military force regards particular allied groups. These groups are usually cells of partisans known only through a single point of contact. A group’s contributions to the rebellion are weighed as a whole; individual acts probably go unnoticed. In game terms, such groups combine their Duty points and advance toward a shared rank.

Unlike partisan groups, actual soldiers interact directly with their governing military. They have their own ranks and privileges. Each clone in the Grand Army is known for his own successes and failures. Each is promoted or demoted according to individual merits, and his rank follows him wherever he might be transferred.

Clone troopers therefore track their Duty individually. A clone gains a contribution rank by reaching 20 Duty. At this point, Duty resets to zero, and the trooper begins working his way up to the next contribution rank, just like a regular group of characters in Age of Rebellion would do upon reaching 100 combined Duty.

Alliance Rewards

The Republic does not motivate its regular soldiers with intermittent gifts of gear, vehicles, or other assets. Ignore the system for piecemeal rewards when the group’s contribution rank increases. Instead, new Requisition rules replace the rewards for increasing rank; each rank increase improves the trooper’s requisitioning power.

New rules for equipment are described on the Requisition page.

Fame and Recognition

The homogeneous nature of clones makes it hard for anyone outside the Grand Army to distinguish clones from one another. This makes it difficult for a trooper to become famous among non-clones. Halve a trooper’s contribution rank (rounding down) when comparing it to Table 9-3: Group Contribution Rank Guidelines; by virtue of their homogeneity, clone troopers get less recognition from regular members of the Republic and they draw less enmity from the Separatists and their sympathizers.

Character Creation

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