Tag: Space


  • RAS Doom Wail

    The _Doom Wail_ is an old freighter, recently retired from active military service. The vessel used to carry fleet supplies; fuel, food, and other assets. It was up-armored to reduce its vulnerability at in-fleet formation. Although retired from …

  • RAS Iron Star

    The Iron Star carries an armory suitable for over two hundred clone troopers. Sadly, it was forced to leave its GAR complement behind in a larger planetary engagement to answer the Red Zero distress call at Giaca.

  • RAS Long Base

    The Republic Astroship _Long Base_ began its mission in 11:5:12 GrS; two years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars.

  • ARC-170 Starfighters

    The _Legion One_ and _Legion Two_ serve as a heavy fighter protection for the _Doom Wail_. They can launch quickly from their concealed position inside the freighter's open-hull cargo area. They are also capable of hyperspace escort duty.