Utility Lift Boat


This boat resembles a large escape pod, and serves the function of an escape pod, but it has thrusters sufficient to relaunch upon landing, escape atmosphere, and dock with its mother ship.


Utility Lift Boat

Silhouette: 3
Speed: 1
Handling: -8

Defense: 0/0/0/0
Armor: 1

Hull Trauma: 4
System Strain: 4

Hull Type/Class: Escape Pod/Lift Boat
Manufacturer: Gallofree Yards, Inc.
Hyperdrive: None
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Close
Ship’s Complement: None
Encumbrance Capacity: 12
Passenger Capacity: 6
Consumables: Five days
Cost/Rarity: 34,000 credits/3
Customization Hardpoints: 0
Attachments: None
Weapons: None


Utility Lift Boat

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