Rotary Hyper Actuator


Price: 2,250 (Restricted); Encumbrance: 0; HP Required: 3; Rarity: 5

Using static pulse adaptors and upgraded spin motors, this upgrade captures the power of ventilating gasses to provide bursts of accelerated barrel rotation for multi-barrel rotary weapons. This vastly increases the damage output of such weapons. The trade off for all this extra firepower is degradation of the barrels and frame, which must maintain a degree of precision interaction to avoid frequently jamming. Additional maintenance is required to keep the weapon in working condition. This attachment is only for use on Gunnery multi-barrel blasters like the Rotary Blaster and the Sidewinder Repeating Blaster.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn Munitions Hyper Actuator, SoroSuub Straightwinder Upgrade

Base Modifiers: Blast (rating equal to base damage, cannot activate with Auto-fire). Reduce the cost for one activation of Blast 1 ADVANTAGE to a minimum of one. This attachment also adds 2 SETBACK to all checks to perform maintenance on the weapon.

Modification Options: 2 Damage +1 Mods, 2 Weapon Quality (Pierce +1) Mods.

Hard Points Required: 3.

Price: 2,250 credits.


Rotary Hyper Actuator

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