Skill: Gunnery; Damage: 15; Critical: 4; Range: Extreme; Encumbrance: 8; Hard Points: 4; Price: 7,500 (Restricted); Rarity: 8; Special: Cumbersome 5, Linked 3, Pierce 6

The reciprocating quad blaster, informally the “Cip-Quad,” is a recently developed weapon of experimental design. It packs the power normally reserved for emplaced weapons. Four large reciprocating blaster barrels project from the torso of the user, utilizing the trooper himself as a weapons platform. The Cip-Quad’s four barrels can be fired one or two at a time depending on the rotation pattern selected, applying a withering stream of fire.

A special harness, purchased separately, is required for the user to hold the weapon and reach the firing apparatus (see the Weapon Harness Weapon Attachment in Age of Rebellion). The harness’ back mounts a large power cell and a tank to cycle coolant to the weapon. The harness straps feature micro repulsorlifts and by-wire systems connecting to a heads-up display, reducing recoil and facilitating smoother target tracking and operation.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn XX-4 Quad Blaster



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