The ARGOA is a special-fit All Terrain Tactical Enforcer. AT-TEs serve as heavy assault vehicles for the Grand Army of the Republic in a number of specialized roles. The ARGOA’s special configuration functions as a heavily armored transport for a forward-operating troop. The majority of its crew capacity is taken up by extra operational supplies, mobile command equipment, and a half-dozen scout walkers.

The ARGOA can be driven by a single pilot but optimal performance calls for the use of a co-pilot. The seven vehicle-mounted weapons must be operated independently by passengers or crew. The ARGOA can transport 30 people in the short-term, including the crew, but the vehicle’s compartments are optimally configured as living space for just a dozen.

The ARGOA’s main weapon is a mass-driver cannon mounted on a dorsal turret. The gunner sits in a partially-exposed seat connected to the rear of the weapon. This cannon fires super-accelerated solid projectiles that inflict devastating impact damage.

The six secondary weapons, light laser cannons, are mounted at the four corners of the vehicle. The front two corners of the vehicle each have two of the cannons, one above the other, and the rear corners each have one cannon. These weapons fire mostly in arcs about 110 degrees centered on the diagonal axes of the chassis. This allows the cannons to have overlapping arcs of fire in all directions.

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 1
Handling: –3

Defense: 1/–/–/0
Armor: 5
Hull Threshold: 40
System Threshold: 35

Vehicle Type/Model: Heavy Assault Walker/AT-TE.
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering.
Sensor Range: Close.
Crew: One vehicle commander, one pilot, seven gunners, medical droid.
Encumbrance Capacity: 100 (9 Remaining).
Passenger Capacity: 21.
Consumables: 1 day.
Cost/Rarity: 140,000 credits/6®.
Customization Hard Points: 3 (0 Remaining).
Attachments: Thrust Rack, Stealth Package, AT-RT Transport Module.

Weapons: 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward (port); Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]), 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward (starboard); Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]), Medium Laser Cannon (Fire Arc Rear (port); Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]), Medium Laser Cannon (Fire Arc Rear (starboard); Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]), dorsal turret Mass Driver Cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 6; Critical 4; Range [Short]; Qualities [Breach 4, Slow-Firing 1])


AT-RT Transport Module: The majority of the ARGOA’s cargo capacity has been filled with a transport/charging wrack containing six AT-RT scout walkers. A normal AT-TE only carries two AT-RTs, lowering them to the battlefield with a special lift mechanism. The ARGOA has the same number of ports, so is only able to deploy two of the smaller walkers at a time; the whole compliment cannot be deployed in a single, fast disembark.

IM-6 Medical Droid: The ARGOA has a standard issued IM-6. Designed by Cybot Galactica, this battlefield medical droid has advanced programming and numerous tools for various curative purposes. The small unit has repulsorlifts for easy maneuverability, internal drug and anesthetic reservoirs, and an eager personality well suited first-aid and surgical tasks.

Stealth Pack: The ARGOA is resistant to electronic detection and identification. Add four Setback Dice to all sensor checks to find or probe the walker. This has no effect on manual/visual detection; the vehicle is not actually invisible to the naked eye. This technology upgrade makes the ARGOA slightly vulnerable to ion attacks (regular AT-TEs are immune).

Thrust Rack: A retro thruster belly-rack allows the walker to make planetfall without a drop ship. The wrack falls away after landing—it lacks the power to lift the walker or return it to orbit and is considered disposable upon landing. Steering the Thrust Rack for a precise landing requires an Easy Piloting (Planetary) check.



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