The Grand Army of the Republic

Interlude: Triple-Zero

In the aftermath of their destruction of two “Jedi,” wielders of red lightsabers, 33-Squad was recalled to Triple-Zero, the GAR code-name for the planet Coruscant. The troop returned to the Inner Core in the Doom Wail, a slow freighter taking a slow-but-reliable astrogation route.

Upon arrival, the clones learned that there had been a massive counter-attack by the Separatists. The Army was recalled from the failing Outer-Rim Sieges, but not in time to fend off a huge attack on Coruscant itself. Fortunately, the Chancellor had a hidden force of clone troopers that he had not told the Jedi about. This force immediately intervened, breaking the back of the attacking fleet and sounding the death knell for the Separatist movement.

Despite not being involved in the Battle of Coruscant, Dead-Eye’s action group was treated as returning heroes. They initially did not understand why. But it soon became apparent that their victory against some “Jedi” was politically important. It appeared that the Jedi Order attempted to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor at the height of his victory. Holovid shows a small group of Knights and Masters, including Mace Windu, broke into the Chancellor’s office and tried to kill him. Only the intervention of a powerful Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, saved the Chancellor and the Republic.

After being debriefed by members of the Chancellor’s staff, Dead-Eye’s action group was led into the Senate Chamber. There, before the thousands of delegates, the Chancellor proclaimed that these clones had proved the GAR’s ability to oppose the Jedi. In light of the Order’s betrayal, the Chancellor invoked Emergency Order 66, requiring the Grand Army to kill or capture all members of the rogue Jedi Order. In the immediate aftermath, skirmishes with lightsaber-wielding erupted across Coruscant as members of the Order attempted to flee.

Dead-Eye’s action group returned to the Doom Wail with orders to go back to the far Outer Rim where they had once picked up Jedi Padawan Ganodi for an earlier mission. But now their orders are to kill or capture the young Rodian, now in hiding on that jungle planet.

The orders also included a reorganization; 33-Squad is no longer a commando troop, but is returned to a regular 10-man clone trooper squad within the newly-formed 504th Battalion. Trooper Fingers is designated as acting sergeant. Sergeant Dead-Eye is designated as trooper, ordinary. The squad now answers to its old friend, Sergeant Major Kav, in charge of Ardo Platoon.

Experience: 10 xp (310)
Duty: 5 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Torque)
Dissociation: none



Randy Randy

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