The Grand Army of the Republic


Report: Sergeant Sarge and a handful of troopers made planetfall in the Lift Boat, attempting to flank a hill overlooking the Long Base’s camp on the assumption that the hill was the place from which that camp had been shelled. As the A Team investigated the hill, discovering the area where four pieces of artillery were once set up, the B Team recalled the Lift Boat to the Doom Wail and used it to make planetfall on the other side of the camp. The B Team took fire from unseen hostiles on approach to the camp.

The teams discovered that the camp’s perimeter fence, though still electrified, was completely breached in multiple places. The buildings in the camp were likewise shelled and in various states of ruin. Despite obvious signs of an intense battle, no bodies were found. Upon further investigation, the troopers discovered a hidden basement containing five Sullustan children, formerly the wards of Jedi Master Lus-Tal.

Since arriving on the planet, the troopers’ communications were being jammed. After investigating the camp, they discovered the source of the jamming in a nearby cave. They investigated and destroyed the equipment they found, but were immediately confronted by a giant, worm-like creature with a gaping maw encircled by dozens of grasping arms. The fight was quick and brutal. The troopers discovered more pieces of jamming equipment in caves with the same giant worms and concluded that the equipment’s purpose was to contain the worms in the caves; comms jamming was an unintended consequence.

While the troopers were investigating a pit, the two keeping watch at the top were approached by natives bearing archaic slug throwers. They spoke passable Basic and introduced themselves as the Shur-Shur. They asked the troopers to accompany them to their home, several standard days’ march to the southeast. Along the way, these Shur-Shur explained that, long ago, two races fought each other while attempting to colonize the planet. The Shorak brought in the Shur-Shur as slaves to carry on the fight with the Peroenians, and they continue fighting to this day even though the Shorak colonists died off long ago.

As the group traveled to the Shur-Shur settlement, Spanner engaged in some friendly diplomacy, trading his side arm for one of the natives’ slug throwers.

New Objectives: Treat with Shur-Shur leaders

Experience: 15 (45 total)
Duty: +5 (Crash, Deadeye, Sarge, Spanner)
Dissociation: +1 (Spanner)



Randy Randy

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