The Grand Army of the Republic


Report: Just before ascending a hand-cranked elevator to the Shur-Shur queen’s audience chamber nestled high in a giant tree, the troopers received a communication informing them that the Iron Star had just arrived at Giaca. Sarge left a small contingent to perform diplomatic duties while he took the rest of 33-Squad to the Iron Star in what appeared to be a luxurious shuttle. He left Crash in command, who was eager to prove his leadership potential.

After shining up their boots, Crash’s contingent met with the Shur-Shur queen. They endured a stately dinner and entertainments in the treetops. Afterward, the queen asked to know how they planned to help the Shur-Shur defeat the Peroenians, whose armies would undoubtedly be headed there directly, having seen all of the troopers transport activities in the area. The troopers did not have an answer, but promised to get back to them. The shuttle returned and took them to the Iron Star.

The Iron Star’s 250 clone trooper contingent had to be left behind when the Iron Star left the fleet to answer the red zero distress call. But the ship brought with it some big guns, half an armory, and a full navy crew. It also had a broken AT-TE, which Spanner fixed up, and a handful of AT-RTs.

There was a captain’s mast interview for Spanner, who received a disciplinary note in his record for losing his sidearm without satisfactory explanation.

Much military planning ensued and the troopers underwent a training montage to train the Shur-Shur. Montage! Finally the scouts spotted the Peroenian forces, approaching exactly along the anticipated route.

New Objectives: Defeat Peroenian forces, recover the Long Base’s expeditionary force.

Experience: 15 (60 total)
Duty: +10 (Crash, Deadeye, Ghost), +9 (Spanner)



Randy Randy

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