The Grand Army of the Republic

Circles Within Circles

Haruspex Ultra,

It is my sad duty to report that your propaganda squad has been implicated in a seditious plot to purloin imperial property, namely dozens of clone soldiers of the Imperial Army.

What is worse, I fear that this effort enjoys hidden support at the highest echelons of government. There are traitors in our ranks. I know this because my reports about these matters have been… un-filed. They have disappeared without a trace. I was only able to circumvent this interference by collecting irrefutable proof of a plot and presenting it personally to a magister of the Imperial Inquisition.

Even now, an Inquisition team is tracking these rogues to their hidden base in the warehouse maze of the Grepoa Division. I have received four queries since Hour 1 this morning. The traitors, whoever they may be, are highly-placed and trying their best to dissuade us.

I will report again when the Inquisition team completes its assault.

In service,

Haruspex Mediuum

Experience: 15 xp (370)
Duty: 10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none



Randy Randy

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