The Grand Army of the Republic

Baaz Lives


I could not let them kill you. I did not believe in your vision, nor their disloyalty. I went there to kill them. But when I confronted them, when I promised to kill them, they refused to attack or defend themselves.

I still do not trust them. They might yet be controlled by Sidious, or worse, by Guiar. If the latter is true, we will not foresee their eventual betrayal. Our only recourse is to push them into immediate and total opposition to Guiar. If they succeed, they are vindicated. If they fail, they are vindicated. And if they turn on us, we are vindicated and we are ready.

Or rather, I am vindicated. I know you still believe they are absolutely loyal. That weakness is your virtue. But I love you too much to allow your martyrdom.


Experience: 30 xp (400)
Duty: -20 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Snake, Torque), -30 (Shakes)
Dissociation: none



Randy Randy

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