The Grand Army of the Republic


Campaign complete.

In a couple of years, maybe I’ll run a Force and Destiny campaign fitted into the events; Jedi characters that have to survive in the same timeline, like the other side of the same coin. Maybe.

Showdown on Coruscant


My old nemesis, Tal Lenric, beat the odds and evaded my predictive models. He brought just enough force to bear at Efiga to capture a vital cache of intel. We did not have enough personnel to guard every asset sufficiently, so we played the odds. And for the second time, we lost. We cannot afford to lose again.

Do you recall when each active commando squad at Coruscant was assigned to a Jedi diplomat headed for the Council of Independent Systems? Squad Seven accompanied me to Prev. At the same time, Lenric was accompanied to Balnab 1 by his own commando team. These same clones are the tools that Lenric now wields against us. Perhaps he sowed the seeds of loyalty in them at that time, or perhaps he had no idea they would be so useful later. It does not matter which.

Lenric’s tools are the “commandos” you know as 33-Squad. I recall that you encountered them after their success at Giacca, following the Long Base red zero. Your commando group (and the others) reported to me that this squad appeared to be no more than a lucky set of clones of no particular training or abilities. Well, luck and probabilities are fodder for the Force, my old friend. After predicting their future models, I tried killing them off in the jungles of Jagomir. Only their doctor was ever suspicious of me. I got a few of their squad, but the ones with me ended up saving my life. They were redeployed before I could fully recover and finish them off. That was our first loss.

Here’s the new mission, Watchmaster. Your commando group will have to stop Lenric’s commandos. You once told me that Squad Seven could wipe the floor with them. Now is the time to prove it. The intel they captured shows where we are weak. It also contains the secret to my predictive models. We cannot shuffle our forces without them anticipating exactly how we do it. They will strike where we have the fewest soldiers, where you and the rest of Seven Squad are stationed. They have the best chance of success there, but I don’t think their chances are good enough. I think Seven Squad is more than a match for 33. To avoid tainting the defense in a way that Lenric could now predict, I leave to you the exact details of how best to protect the asset at Coral Tower.

May the Force be with you.

- Alano Guiar

Experience: 40 xp (450.0)



Jedi Lenric’s plan unfolds. It seems that the Jedi Guiar has taken incredible steps to avoid having his own beliefs and expectations taint the effectiveness of his predictive models. The clues that Jedi Lenric’s clone allies have collected suggest that Jedi Guiar has removed important memories from his brain and hidden them in a holocron. Jedi Lenric believes he knows the location of this holocron.

But to evade traps laid by the powerful predictive abilities of the Jedi Guiar, unpredictable actions become the norm. Jedi Lenric chose to invade an orbital station above Efiga and obtain a vital pass-combination. There he might be forced to kill hundreds of sentient beings who oppose him, something Jedi Guiar would not Jedi Lenric morally capable of.

The desolate planet Efiga is a coated with the wrecks of hundreds of thousands of spacecraft, a legacy of just one battle of the Great Hyperspace War, fought in this system. Beneath this wreckage lurks something even older, some buried ruins dating back to the Immortal Empire. It is in these ruins, within a pass-coded vault, that Jedi Lenric believes will be found the holocron containing Jedi Guiar’s important memories. Jedi Lenric intends to transmit the pass-combination to a select team of clone allies once he extracts it from its hiding place on the orbital station.

This clone team’s first mission, upon entering Efiga space, was to insert Jedi Lenric into the orbital station, then make planetfall, find the hidden vault, and open it after Jedi Lenric transmits the code. But their CR90 Corvette came under fire the moment it left hyperspace. The team was able to weather the attack, insert Jedi Lenric using an escape pod aimed at the orbital station, and then land their damaged craft, hiding it amid the other wreckage.

Experience: 10.0 xp (410.0)
Duty: +0 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none


Baaz Lives


I could not let them kill you. I did not believe in your vision, nor their disloyalty. I went there to kill them. But when I confronted them, when I promised to kill them, they refused to attack or defend themselves.

I still do not trust them. They might yet be controlled by Sidious, or worse, by Guiar. If the latter is true, we will not foresee their eventual betrayal. Our only recourse is to push them into immediate and total opposition to Guiar. If they succeed, they are vindicated. If they fail, they are vindicated. And if they turn on us, we are vindicated and we are ready.

Or rather, I am vindicated. I know you still believe they are absolutely loyal. That weakness is your virtue. But I love you too much to allow your martyrdom.


Experience: 30 xp (400)
Duty: -20 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Snake, Torque), -30 (Shakes)
Dissociation: none


Circles Within Circles

Haruspex Ultra,

It is my sad duty to report that your propaganda squad has been implicated in a seditious plot to purloin imperial property, namely dozens of clone soldiers of the Imperial Army.

What is worse, I fear that this effort enjoys hidden support at the highest echelons of government. There are traitors in our ranks. I know this because my reports about these matters have been… un-filed. They have disappeared without a trace. I was only able to circumvent this interference by collecting irrefutable proof of a plot and presenting it personally to a magister of the Imperial Inquisition.

Even now, an Inquisition team is tracking these rogues to their hidden base in the warehouse maze of the Grepoa Division. I have received four queries since Hour 1 this morning. The traitors, whoever they may be, are highly-placed and trying their best to dissuade us.

I will report again when the Inquisition team completes its assault.

In service,

Haruspex Mediuum

Experience: 15 xp (370)
Duty: 10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none


Vode An ("Brothers All")

One indomitable heart, Brothers all.
We, the wrath of Coruscant, Brothers all.
And glory, eternal glory,
We shall bear its weight together.
Forged like the saber in the fires of death, Brothers all.
One indomitable heart, Brothers all.
We, the wrath of Coruscant, Brothers all.
Those who stand before us light the night sky in flame.
Our vengeance burns brighter still.
Every last traitorous soul shall kneel.
Those who stand before us light the night sky in flame.
Our vengeance burns brighter still.
Every last traitorous soul shall fall.
Forged like the saber in the fires of death, Brothers all!

Six months pass. Our clone troopers immerse themselves in the ancient lore of the Mandalorians. During this this time, their fame spreads across Coruscant. They march on no battlefields, but rather, attend many political and military functions as war heroes might. Major Charisma, guiding the squad’s public appearances and statements, makes them out to be slightly disgruntled. One night, while returning to barracks, Jedi Lenric steps from an alleyway and says he will soon invite the clones to retire to his private sanctuary for members of the Grand Army. Operation Mandalore has borne fruit.

Experience: 10 xp (355)
Duty: 30 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes), 20 (Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none

Attendance at this game would reflect 10 points of Duty, but an additional 20 points (for all characters) is applied based on the passage of time and the increased media profile of 33-Squad.


Ganodi Mortuus Est

Haruspex Ultra,

Code-Name Camera reports that kill order 219 was carried out. The Jedi Rodian Ganodi is now dead. Genetic printing confirms her identity. Her weapon was recovered but missing its vital component, a green kyber crystal.

Camera has prepared “enhanced” holo recordings for broadcast. The Jedi apparently put up no resistance. Or perhaps its resistance was to appeal to the emotional/biological nature of our clone soldiers. That attempt was incredibly misguided. Holo-images will need to edit out a portion of the Rodian’s head, which seems to be missing. Camera will otherwise fabricate the necessary measure of the Jedi’s physical resistance for the news report.

In service,

Haruspex Mediuum

Experience: 20 xp (345)
Duty: 10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

On the trail of a dangerous and seditious Jedi rogue, 33-Squad again makes the holo-news broadcasts all the way back in Coruscant. Their fierce and death-defying exploits include successful tracking of the rogue Jedi, improvising their speeder to repair a fallen bridgeway, and fighting off nearly a hundred hungry nexu. Field Correspondent Trav reports live from the scene, amidst a smoking pile of the foul beasts. Footage to follow, 21:00 Central Time.

Experience: 15 xp (325)
Duty: 10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Episode V


The CLONE WARS have nearly
concluded. Only sparse forces of
Separatist resistance remain on
distant planets, soon to be mopped
up by the GRAND ARMY.

But a new threat now faces the
REPUBLIC. The last members of
the rogue JEDI ORDER, and their
various allies, threaten to
destabilize the long-sought
peace and prosperity.

In light of ongoing threats from
within and without, the Supreme
Chancellor has adopted additional
emergency powers. New military
endeavors will be funded by the
resources seized from the INTER-

Clone Troopers from Battalions
500, 501, and 504 are being armed
and deployed across the galaxy to
face the new Jedi threat. Among
these are the ten clone troopers
of 33-SQUAD, sent to bring in their
former Jedi Commander, GANODI.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Republic Astroship Doom Wail
En Route to Planet 1662, Outer Rim
Compartment 2A, Briefing Room
1081 days after Geonosis


All forces, this is a priority-one briefing.

:: This mission is kill-only. The target’s kill order was authenticated by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine on 1069 AG. The target is rated extremely dangerous, extremely seditious, and elusive. ::

Your target is the Jedi rebel Ganodi, a Rodian female of an age approximately 12 standard years. She stands 1.19 meters with green skin and black eyes. She is known to wield a green lightsaber. Ganodi possesses sensory powers attributed to “the Force” as well as minor telekinetic abilities. This target is also an accomplished pilot.

No additional briefing will follow.

Interlude: Triple-Zero

In the aftermath of their destruction of two “Jedi,” wielders of red lightsabers, 33-Squad was recalled to Triple-Zero, the GAR code-name for the planet Coruscant. The troop returned to the Inner Core in the Doom Wail, a slow freighter taking a slow-but-reliable astrogation route.

Upon arrival, the clones learned that there had been a massive counter-attack by the Separatists. The Army was recalled from the failing Outer-Rim Sieges, but not in time to fend off a huge attack on Coruscant itself. Fortunately, the Chancellor had a hidden force of clone troopers that he had not told the Jedi about. This force immediately intervened, breaking the back of the attacking fleet and sounding the death knell for the Separatist movement.

Despite not being involved in the Battle of Coruscant, Dead-Eye’s action group was treated as returning heroes. They initially did not understand why. But it soon became apparent that their victory against some “Jedi” was politically important. It appeared that the Jedi Order attempted to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor at the height of his victory. Holovid shows a small group of Knights and Masters, including Mace Windu, broke into the Chancellor’s office and tried to kill him. Only the intervention of a powerful Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, saved the Chancellor and the Republic.

After being debriefed by members of the Chancellor’s staff, Dead-Eye’s action group was led into the Senate Chamber. There, before the thousands of delegates, the Chancellor proclaimed that these clones had proved the GAR’s ability to oppose the Jedi. In light of the Order’s betrayal, the Chancellor invoked Emergency Order 66, requiring the Grand Army to kill or capture all members of the rogue Jedi Order. In the immediate aftermath, skirmishes with lightsaber-wielding erupted across Coruscant as members of the Order attempted to flee.

Dead-Eye’s action group returned to the Doom Wail with orders to go back to the far Outer Rim where they had once picked up Jedi Padawan Ganodi for an earlier mission. But now their orders are to kill or capture the young Rodian, now in hiding on that jungle planet.

The orders also included a reorganization; 33-Squad is no longer a commando troop, but is returned to a regular 10-man clone trooper squad within the newly-formed 504th Battalion. Trooper Fingers is designated as acting sergeant. Sergeant Dead-Eye is designated as trooper, ordinary. The squad now answers to its old friend, Sergeant Major Kav, in charge of Ardo Platoon.

Experience: 10 xp (310)
Duty: 5 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Torque)
Dissociation: none



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