Arkanian Clones

All player characters in this campaign are Arkanian-built clone troopers. They are not the elite Advanced Recon Clones or even first phase clone troopers; they are the mass-produced, rank-and-file grunts that now compose the vast majority of the army.

In the midst of the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine secretly established a secondary cloning facility on Coruscant’s moon, Centax-2. Arkanian Microtechnologies operated the facility under the supervision of Arkanian clone masters. Spaarti cylinders replaced hyperspace travel techniques, producing fully matured clones in less than a year. Advances in flash memory imprinting allowed the Republic to supply billions of these clone reinforcements to the Grand Army of the Republic at the height of the conflict.

Clone Backgrounds

Clones are much like natural humans but they are created, built from carefully selected genetic material. They are growth-accelerated and imprinted by flash memory, making them identical to one another at “birth.” The only variance in Arkanian clones comes from a five-month period of live, supplementary training. This makes their Backgrounds exceedingly homogenous.

Because everyone plays clones in this campaign, each with the same origins and history, you will not have to provide a lengthy Background. Arkanian clone troopers share the same history up to the beginning of their supplementary training. At that point, players have more freedom to define the backgrounds that distinguish their characters’ personalities from one another.

Clone Motivations

Because of their duplicative histories, players should probably select a single Motivation for their whole group. It is likely that the whole squad was together when it experienced the events that inspired any particular Motivation.

On the other hand, this is one area where a clone can assert his individuality. If the trooper wants to stick out like a sore thumb, all the players needs to do is insist on having a unique Motivation, whether at character creation or developed during play.

Clones as a Species

Like other humans, clones are mostly-hairless mammalian bipeds. Their skin is naturally tanned in color. Their eyes are brown and their hair is black. Clones process oxygen for respiration and can digest a variety of animal and vegetable matter. Their biology is well-suited to many environments in the galaxy.

Clone trooper society exists only within the Grand Army of the Republic. They value military discipline and adherence to the Command Code, a set of guidelines that governs military behavior.

Arkanian clones are created as adults; they do not have homes or home worlds. Though created on Coruscant’s moon, Arkanian clones consider the capital ships of their particular brigades to be their homes.

Species Abilities

3 Brawn 3 Agility 2 Intellect 2 Cunning 2 Willpower 2 Presence
  • Wound Threshold: 11 + Brawn
  • Strain Threshold: 11 + Willpower
  • Starting Experience: 75 XP
  • Military Imprinting: Clones may only select Ace, Commander, Soldier, or Spy as careers. Clones are not imprinted with the skills necessary to produce any other careers.

The first time a clone buys a specialization that is derived from a career other than Ace, Commander, Soldier, or Spy, he develops an additional five points of Dissociation selected by the Game Master. Such specializations are so far removed from the clone’s mental imprinting as to create recurring conflicts within the psyche.

Clones are not penalized for taking the Recruit universal specialization or any other “militant” specializations designated by the Game Master. This may be important as Edge of the Empire develops specializations in its product line at a faster rate than Age of Rebellion.

  • Combat Ready: All clones receive basic infantry training. They start the game with one rank in the Ranged (Heavy) skill and one rank in the Ranged (Light) skill. Clones still may not train these two skills above rank 2 at character creation.
  • Force Purgation: Force sensitivity heightens the risk of clone madness. A natural psyche powerful enough to be force sensitive is more likely to conflict with the imprinted trooper persona. To reduce the potential for clone madness, Arkanian cloners use ysalamir technology to destroy their clones’ Force potential. Clone characters therefore cannot become Force sensitive, cannot acquire a Force Rating by any means, and cannot use Force powers.

Arkanian Clones

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