The Grand Army of the Republic


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Episode III


The Galactic Civil War has taken a turn
in favor of the GALACTIC REPUBLIC.
been driven back to the Outer Rim and
fierce fighting is now underway to take
the Separatists’ final strongholds.

In the shadow of the OUTER RIM SIEGES,
on the ice planet of Gauther, clone
sergeant Dead-Eye leads his squad of
troopers in a desperate search for a
missing probe droid said to carry vital
intelligence on a new weapon that might
change the course of the war.

Alone now, cut off from reinforcements,
33-SQUAD continues their desperate
search, not only for the missing droid,
but also for a way out of the frozen hell
they find themselves trapped in. . . .

Easy Infiltration

Report: In preparation for their secret mission, and in consultation with Master Lenric, 33-Squad re-outfitted the Doom Wail instead of proceeding in the Republicanus. The Doom Wail was scrubbed of Republic markings, reloaded with its two ARC-170 fighter/bombers (and its old utility lift boat), and supplied with a heavily modified hover tank to use as a civilian speeder.

Once underway, Master Lenric revealed that he was not intending to meet with his old friend Gavin, a member of the council of city governors. Instead, he would meet with another old friend, Baaz, who may or may not be a former member of the Jedi Order, and who may or may not be on the run from the Republic. Baaz has influence with the council, and Master Lenric claimed that the Force guided him to change the parameters of their mission at the last minute.

Despite trepidation, 33-Squad went along with the change of plans. They made planetfall and infiltrated a nearby city using their commando training in disguise and covert operation. Despite scrutiny from local law enforcement, the team passed unhindered into the city. There, at a run-down manor house, they made contact with a mysterious robed woman, Baaz, whom Master Lenric seems to be on good terms with. Or she was until Master Lenric told her of his plans to get Balnab 1 to join the Republic. Then things turned inhospitable; 33-Squad was asked to leave. But that was not before Baaz revealed that Gavin had become the head of the council of city governors and was pushing for Balnab 1 to join the Separatists.

Now the squad is loose in the city, and need to come up with a new plan to influence Balnab 1 toward the Republic.

Experience: 15 (100 total)
Duty: +10 (Deadeye, Ghost, Sarge)
Dissociation: +5 (Ghost, first non-clone Specialization)



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Episode II


The Galactic Civil War rages on.
have grown in strength, posing a
real threat for the newly formed
Army of the Republic.

Desperate to win new allies to their
side, the Republic deploys Jedi
diplomats to woo members of the
Each Jedi is accompanied by a cadre
of elite COMMANDOS who serve as
personal guards.

The heroes of the recent Giaca
Action, 33-SQUAD, are presumed to
be just such a group. Despite having
no special training or equipment,
their recent heroics get them
assigned to protect MASTER LENRIC.
The squad is about to meet its new
leader. . . .

Master Tal Lenric is known as a skilled diplomat and an effective tactician. Scuttlebut around the barracks says he is a human of great integrity. He is known among the clone army as being morally opposed to compelling service from clone troopers. His beliefs in the Republic’s use of “slaves” has not made him popular on Coruscant.

Republic Astroship Doom Wail
Compartment 2A, Briefing Room
664 days after Geonosis


All forces, this is a PRIORITY-TWO briefing.

Your assignment is first to rendezvous with JEDI GENERAL TAL LENDRIC on Triple-Zero.

Your assignment is second to defend MASTER LENDRIC and provide whatever aid he requires on this diplomatic mission.

This mission is SECRET-RATED. Details and destinations are need-to-know. All further details will be provided by Master Lendric as they become required.

No additional briefing will follow from official sources.


Report: Leaving their trained partisans in place to slow the advancing Peroenian army, 33-Squad circled behind them to attack their mountain strongholds. After light contact with a few remaining Peroenians, our heroes discovered the enemy fortifications to be mostly unguarded. They quickly liberated some captured Shur-shur and the remnants of the Long-Base’s science team. Among them was a Jedi Master named Wu-zho.

During their entrance to the mountain fortresses, 33-Squad noticed Separatists ships descending from orbit, including droid transport ships. As they attempted to escape through outer doors with their liberated scientists, the Separatists caught up to them. A firefight ensued, and Master Wu-zho had a brief lightsaber duel with a black-clad figure wielding a red lightsaber.

As 33-squad headed back to friendly territory, they observed a massive space and planetary conflict between Republic and Separatist forces. At its conclusion, the Separatists were driven off and 33-Squad was promoted from transport guard duty to a role more fitting an elite fighting force of their caliber.

The group’s new assignment is to guard an important Jedi diplomat, who they are about to meet aboard his diplomatic cruiser.

New Objectives: Meet the new Jedi Commander of 33-Squad. Plan logistics for high-risk diplomatic mission.

Experience: 25 (85 total)
Duty: +25 (Deadeye, Ghost, Sarge, Spanner)



Report: Just before ascending a hand-cranked elevator to the Shur-Shur queen’s audience chamber nestled high in a giant tree, the troopers received a communication informing them that the Iron Star had just arrived at Giaca. Sarge left a small contingent to perform diplomatic duties while he took the rest of 33-Squad to the Iron Star in what appeared to be a luxurious shuttle. He left Crash in command, who was eager to prove his leadership potential.

After shining up their boots, Crash’s contingent met with the Shur-Shur queen. They endured a stately dinner and entertainments in the treetops. Afterward, the queen asked to know how they planned to help the Shur-Shur defeat the Peroenians, whose armies would undoubtedly be headed there directly, having seen all of the troopers transport activities in the area. The troopers did not have an answer, but promised to get back to them. The shuttle returned and took them to the Iron Star.

The Iron Star’s 250 clone trooper contingent had to be left behind when the Iron Star left the fleet to answer the red zero distress call. But the ship brought with it some big guns, half an armory, and a full navy crew. It also had a broken AT-TE, which Spanner fixed up, and a handful of AT-RTs.

There was a captain’s mast interview for Spanner, who received a disciplinary note in his record for losing his sidearm without satisfactory explanation.

Much military planning ensued and the troopers underwent a training montage to train the Shur-Shur. Montage! Finally the scouts spotted the Peroenian forces, approaching exactly along the anticipated route.

New Objectives: Defeat Peroenian forces, recover the Long Base’s expeditionary force.

Experience: 15 (60 total)
Duty: +10 (Crash, Deadeye, Ghost), +9 (Spanner)



Report: Sergeant Sarge and a handful of troopers made planetfall in the Lift Boat, attempting to flank a hill overlooking the Long Base’s camp on the assumption that the hill was the place from which that camp had been shelled. As the A Team investigated the hill, discovering the area where four pieces of artillery were once set up, the B Team recalled the Lift Boat to the Doom Wail and used it to make planetfall on the other side of the camp. The B Team took fire from unseen hostiles on approach to the camp.

The teams discovered that the camp’s perimeter fence, though still electrified, was completely breached in multiple places. The buildings in the camp were likewise shelled and in various states of ruin. Despite obvious signs of an intense battle, no bodies were found. Upon further investigation, the troopers discovered a hidden basement containing five Sullustan children, formerly the wards of Jedi Master Lus-Tal.

Since arriving on the planet, the troopers’ communications were being jammed. After investigating the camp, they discovered the source of the jamming in a nearby cave. They investigated and destroyed the equipment they found, but were immediately confronted by a giant, worm-like creature with a gaping maw encircled by dozens of grasping arms. The fight was quick and brutal. The troopers discovered more pieces of jamming equipment in caves with the same giant worms and concluded that the equipment’s purpose was to contain the worms in the caves; comms jamming was an unintended consequence.

While the troopers were investigating a pit, the two keeping watch at the top were approached by natives bearing archaic slug throwers. They spoke passable Basic and introduced themselves as the Shur-Shur. They asked the troopers to accompany them to their home, several standard days’ march to the southeast. Along the way, these Shur-Shur explained that, long ago, two races fought each other while attempting to colonize the planet. The Shorak brought in the Shur-Shur as slaves to carry on the fight with the Peroenians, and they continue fighting to this day even though the Shorak colonists died off long ago.

As the group traveled to the Shur-Shur settlement, Spanner engaged in some friendly diplomacy, trading his side arm for one of the natives’ slug throwers.

New Objectives: Treat with Shur-Shur leaders

Experience: 15 (45 total)
Duty: +5 (Crash, Deadeye, Sarge, Spanner)
Dissociation: +1 (Spanner)


Retaking the Long Base

Report: The Doom Wail arrived at Checkpoint Alpha to retrieve hyperspace mapping logs being collected by a Republic probe network. Squad 33 found un-factioned spacers congregating on the planet. The squad retrieved the data without incident but when they returned to Utility Lift Boat, they found a foreign object attached to it. The squad detached the object and called in an airstrike to bomb the spacer outpost.

Weeks passed in hyperspace, jumping from beacon to beacon. Finally, they Doom Wail arrived at Giaca. Sensors indicated several places of interest on the large planet’s surface. The Long Base hung in orbit, not responding to hails. Squad 33 boarded the ship and neutralized the automated defense mechanisms, rescuing the researchers who had been trapped there for weeks.

New Objectives: Make planetfall and find out what happened to the Judicial forces expedition there.

Experience: 20 (30 total)
Duty: +5 (Deadeye, Ghost, Sarge, Spanner)


Checkpoint Alpha

Report: A team of five clone troopers from 33-Squad makes landfall on Checkpoint Alpha, the planet Devdal, at the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim. After an uneventful landing sequence, the team splits up, sending half their numbers through the dense jungle to rendezvous with an unknown Jedi. The search team expertly navigates the jungle, contacts the missing Jedi, and returns to the landing pod without fuss. Meanwhile, the half of the team that remains with the landing pod completes preparation of the vehicle for re-launch.

New Objectives: Survive nexu attack, escape atmosphere, dock with the Doom Wail.

Experience: 10 (10 total)

Duty: +5 (Deadeye, Ghost, Sarge, Spanner)



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Episode I


War grips the galaxy. The droid
forces of the wicked Count Dooku
clash with the newly formed
to control worlds that are vital to
the war effort.

Meanwhile, in the distant reaches
of the galaxy, Republic survey
ships hunt for new, resource-rich
planets to exploit. One planet
under scrutiny is GIACA, which lies
beyond the Outer Rim.

Attacked by an unknown force,
Giaca’s isolated survey vessel
sends out a RED ZERO distress
signal for immediate military
assistance. Republic forces race
across the galaxy to respond to
the call. . . .

A “red zero” is a military evacuation code. It always has top priority and goes to all army units and naval vessels within range as well as the calling unit’s operational headquarters. A red zero can only be invoked by isolated units and is restricted to disaster-level emergencies. It is never used in the context of normal military engagements.

Republic Astroship Doom Wail
Compartment 2A, Briefing Room
621 days after Geonosis


All forces, this is a priority-one briefing.

Operation Long Base began 779 standard days before Geonosis. The operation was named after the survey vessel itself, the Republic Astroship Long Base. The expedition’s continuing mission in the Far Reaches was to survey hot zone 25251 for resource-rich planets.

With the outbreak of the war, Operation Long Base’s promise of new, untapped mineral sources became one of the vital hopes for a Republic victory over the Confederacy of Separatist Planets.

Like other survey vessels of this type, the RAS Long Base carried only minimal Judicial Department forces. Whatever attacked the operation must have quickly overwhelmed its defenders, but not before they were able to send a top-priority distress signal.

The transcript of that holo transmission is as follows:

Judicial Seven—red zero, red zero, red zero. | Transmitting from surface of Giaca.| Outpost came under shelling minutes ago.| Sensors detect significant ground forces approaching.| Hope to give scientific element time to evacuate.| Desh and carbon resources might test optimal.| Separatists cannot [. . .] droid manufacturing would prove disastrous.| Losing [. . .] again [. . .] jamming transmission.| [. . .] and [. . .] one time [. . .] | May the Force be with us.

The RAS Doom Wail is the closest Republic vessel so we are now en route to Giaca. We are a few hours from Relay Point Alpha, at the farthest edge of the Outer Rim. Beyond that, there is no charting. Our navicomputers will be significantly hindered. We will have to proceed by referencing hyperspace beacons. The process is relatively slow. It will take at least 21 more standard days before we reach Giacia.

Also responding are the RAS Iron Star and a decommissioned Judicial cruiser, now a diplomatic boat named Republicanus. Both vessels are two or more days from Relay Point Alpha. Their operational statuses and military capabilities are unknown to us.

Additional briefing to follow.


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