The Grand Army of the Republic


Prefect Danob,

Among the very sad reports from the failed Outer Rim Sieges, I do have some happy news to convey. You asked particularly that I watch for any news of the Beasts of Ord Radama. Our mission reports that a clone commando team called 33-Squad penetrated the Separatist Embassy in the capital city and killed the master. Our contacts in the Jedi Temple inform us that these commandos also killed the apprentice in the jungles of Jagomir.

You may ask what highly-secret special forces group is responsible for this. I assure you, it is not one of the Chancellor’s own. Officially Commando Troop K4A, these clones are no one to speak of. From military records, they were never trained as commandos; they are, in fact, jumped-up troopers sent to die on a high profile mission. It appears that they had the temerity to survive insurmountable odds and the peevish good fortune to succeed in their mission, somehow saving our survey vessel, the Long Base, and securing a diplomatic alliance with the government of Giaca. Our plans for that region were utterly foiled.

Per the Chancellor’s latest directive, I have tasked this troop to return to Coruscant for their debrief. The Chancellor very much wants to know how his precious clones might stand up to an enemy wielding a saber.


Prefect Malgrave

Experience: +25 (300 total)
Duty: +15 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: N/A


Rendezvous at Ord Radama

Hot on the heals of Malau Jocaos, 33-Squad’s action group performed a series of increasingly complex astrogational calculations to reach Ord Rdama in record time.

Having arrived at the planet long before their quarry, the commandos had a chance to kick back and see the sights. They met with the GAR Mission in the Residential District. They went shopping in the Commerce District and arranged to get notice if someone tried to repair a ship like Malau Jocaos’ or purchase the needed components. They visited the tourist wing of the Imperial Palace in the Noble District, cruising by the Separatist Embassy on their way.

Eventually, the commandos’ contact at the port let them know that Malau’s ship had arrived. The clones raced back to the port to check it out. Upon arrival, they received a message from their contact in the GAR Mission, who had intercepted signals between Jacaos and the Separatists. The Separatist’s spies had spotted the clones and warned Jacoas to come to the embassy directly.

After failing to negotiate a faster ride to the embassy, the clones elected to take a slow-moving repulsor cab. When they arrived, it appeared that Malau Jocaus had already entered the stronghold and that the defenses had been heightened. Perhaps frustrated by the spy slipping through their fingers once more, the clone commandos elected to make a frontal assault. They quickly pacified an exterior defense turret, surpassed the blast walls, and made scrap of the battle droids patrolling the compound. Most importantly, they destroyed the signal emitter atop the embassy, preventing a fast transmission of the spy’s vital data.

Emboldened by their early success, the clones now prepare to enter the blocky embassy building through its back door.

Experience: +10 (275 total)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: N/A


Out of the Jungle

The news of the loss of several members of 33-Squad came to Master Guiar’s action group shortly after they slew the Evarian Hive Queen. Uncertain of events taking place back at Resolute Base, the group pushed on into the volatile crater in hopes of finding their SoroSuub quarry.

The spy’s ship was exactly where Republic Intelligence (and Master Guiar’s predictive models) anticipated. The troopers evaded security traps and investigated the ship, finding nothing but the spy’s identification papers and some navigational data. While Torque was exiting the ship, the mines in the surrounding water detonated, which seemed to be a distraction since an unknown person attacked Master Guiar in that same moment, forcing him away from his bodyguard team.

After a running battle, the commandos were able to catch up to Master Guiar and his unknown assailant, who were locked in a bitter duel. They killed the attacker but a surprise attack from a second assailant nearly killed Master Guiar. The clone troopers’ quick actions in applying medical treatment, and their ability to bring down the first assailant before the battle got too close to the second, allowed them to save Master Guiar’s life.

In the midst of the fight, Snake piloted the spy’s ship toward the battle but he was ambushed by the spy himself. As the rogue SoroSuub employee’s cloaking tech dropped, Snake was able to shoot him in the neck with a slugthrower. Mortally wounded, the spy was only barely able to operate the ejector seat, dislodging Snake from the ship. The spy escaped into orbit, but with his astrogation drive damaged and his life bleeding out, the group can only speculate as to his exact fate and the fate of the data he was carrying. They only know that a ship of approximately the right size and in approximate the right location made a hyperspace jump away from the planet.

Using data pulled from the spy’s ship, combined with Master Guiar’s predictive computer models, 33-Squad has some certainty as to the spy’s path. Master Guiar dispatched his action group to pursue in small craft. Master Guiar’s diplomatic ship, along with the Doom Wail and another (locally-based) medium freighter, must remain behind to evacuate Resolute Base now that it’s existence is known to Separatist-aligned forces.

Dead-Eye’s action group boarded their selected craft and prepared to pursue the traitor.

Experience: +20 (265 total)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: N/A


Into the Jungle

New troopers at Resolute Base brought stories of the recent Umbaran Campaign. General Krell betrayed his troops, causing thousands of clones to lose their lives in various military follies. Hundreds more fell under his lightsabers when the general was confronted with the evidence of his treason.

In this strange atmosphere of mystery and distrust, Master Guiar instructed his clone bodyguards to leave their weapons behind and follow him deep into the jungle to look for the SoroSuub traitor. What they found was a battle with an Evarian Hive Queen who tracked them there. The battle was fierce, but thanks to Torque’s insistence on carrying a sack of explosives everywhere, the clones were able to defeat the Hive Queen.

Following their battle, Shakes believed he saw Master Guiar’s lightsaber concealed in his armored robes. Saying nothing, the clones continued to follow Master Guiar and eventually crept over a hill to find the parked transport, a Scurrg H-4.

Experience: +15 (245 total)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake) +12 (Torque)
Dissociation: +1 Shell Shock (Torque)


Resolute Base

Squad Report, Day 4, Resolute Base, Jagomir

Action Group C reports clandestine commando activity, herein redacted. Intelligence assets were reported and are now under seal.

General Guiar boarded the Doom Wail at Arda I orbit and accompanied the reserve detachment with civilian vessels to the base at Jagomir. General Guiar reports killing one Separatist agent aboard the ship before taking a selection of bodyguards (Action Group C) aboard his diplomatic cruiser.

The remnants of Arda Base arrived at Jagomir and began settling in. Action Group C reports battling local wildlife and the discovery of a hunter’s hide, a place of concealment used to spy upon the scouts from Resolute Base.

Experience: +15 (230 total)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: -1 Rage Fugue (Dead-Eye)


Shaka, When the Walls Fell


Action-group commanded by Sergeant Dead-Eye, 33-Squad, reported viable despite being shot down between Arda Township and Arda Base. A prior supplemental report listed Sergeant Dead-Eye, along with Troopers Fingers, Snake, and Torque, MIA.

Troopers Slicey and Shakes rebuilt communications despite active jamming.

Sergeant Dead-Eye’s action group proceeded on foot through the Canyon Approach, rigging the emplaced charges for cascading detonation. These heroic measures bought time for Arda Base to fully evacuate by slowing the approach of Separatist forces.

Experience: +15 (215 total)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Torque)
Dissociation: N/A


Vortex Patrol

Supplemental Report

to Major Yalor,
from Mercedes Vanadiaz “Vortex 1”

I had the honor to fly with them, sir, those brave clones of 33-Squad. We, the pilots of Vortex Squadron, left Arda Base intending to insert the clones’ action group into Arda Township as part of our patrol. The flight began as normal, but later went tragically wrong.

When we entered Sector 7-G, we took an attack run at the Vibrious Columns. One of the clones called an advanced attack pattern that we could not duplicate. I was not surprised when only one of their three speeders could pull it off. We were impressed anyway. Those guys have heart. I kept telling them how much I admired their abilities, right up until the end.

Soon after, we picked up another clone they called “Licey” or something, and I had the honor to see the most impressive type of dropship imaginable. It was all flash and hard thrusters, and very precise as it made planetfall.

From the pick-up, we diverted to investigate a signal emitter that one of the clones spotted eyes-only. It was attached to a mineral column and didn’t look like anything but trash to me. Not knowing what it was about, the clones’ leader decided to leave it in place and continue the mission. Immediately after, we were attacked by a Viper-Class droid ship, empty of its probes. The clones shot it down before the rest of us could form an attack pattern. It was very slick of those clones and I told them so quite a few times.

From there, things got confused. Signal jamming closed up the waves completely. The squadron split up; Vortex sweeping east to try to destroy jammers and the clones moving latterly to do the same. From what I could see over the trash hills, the clones themselves split up, probably to better hunt the jammers. They must have been successful because signals started to get through again.

We got word that a full-scale invasion was on. We then saw the droid fighters on the horizon. The clones went different directions and seemed to be trying to lead them off from us like big damn heroes. I know they were giving us time to get back to base because they went all the way almost to Arda Township over open ground before coming back, suffering withering blaster fire and even some missiles over both legs of that journey.

Unfortunately, none of their speeders made it back. Those little cars are no match for real fighters. We saw their three wreck smokes billowing from the garbage canyons, quite a ways apart from one another. It is my sad duty to report them MIA and I fear that no one could have survived such high-speed impacts.

Experience: +15 (200 total)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: N/A


Landing at Arda Base

Insertion of 33-Squad into Arda Base is complete. The clandestine troop has taken charge of the base.

Arda Base reports these assets, as of current date:

- Personnel: 1 squad GAR (9 clone troopers, regular), 1 platoon Arda Militia (36 militia, mixed/irregular), no naval or flight personnel, 47 civilian staff and construction laborers

- Vehicles: 1 flight Dust Squadron (4 of V-19 Torrent Interceptor and 4 of BTL-B Y-wing), 1 flight Rust Squadron (12 of Z-95 AF1 Headhunter), 1 flight Vortex Squadron (8 of T-47b Sandspeeder)

Ongoing operational report summarized as follows:

- Signals interference during insertion. The totality of the interference was suspicious. Thirty-Three is conducting ongoing investigations.

- Significant damage to Legion I piloted by Sgt. Dead-Eye. Damage incurred outside of enemy action. Five standard days are required for its repairs. Send compensitory desh alloy shipment to Arda Base during next rotation.

- Water-borne ailment reported to have incapacitated 6 of the 9 clones of the Arda Base squadron. Thirty-Three is conducting ongoing investigations.

- Thirty-Three intends to infiltrate the city, transported by Vortex Squadron during it’s morning patrol.

Additional reports to follow.

Experience: +10 (185 total)
Duty: +10 (Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque), +9 (Dead-Eye)
Dissociation: N/A



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Episode IV


The OUTER RIM SIEGES have begun.
Huge fleets post world-spanning
blockades, clashing in orbit around
major planets, seeking to cut off the
reinforcements. Even smaller, less
important worlds are the scene of
conflict as tactical forces make raids
on strategic assets there.

One such smaller world is ARDA 1,
where Republic sympathizers have
requested aid in establishing resistance
forces to fight the Separatists. Troops
now operate there from a hidden base
that is beginning to show strategic

Following its successful mission on the ice
planet of Gauther, in pursuit of a rogue
SOROSUUB INDUSTRIES agent who is trying
to sell secrets to the Separatists, 33-SQUAD
now approaches ARDA 1 and its friendly
population with orders to execute the
dreaded Order 37.

An Order 37 directs a clone military unit to capture a single wanted individual hiding within a civilian population. The order instructs mass arrests and the threatened execution of the civilian population. Specific details include secret directives for body disposal of civilian casualties as well as the suppression of media and other communications.

Republic Astroship Doom Wail
Compartment 2A, Briefing Room
725 days after Geonosis


All forces, this is a priority-one briefing.

Thirty-eight standard days ago, the Galactic Senate drafted SoroSuub Corporation to manufacture DC-pattern blasters for the Grand Army of the Republic because BlasTech Industries could not fulfill its manufacturing orders. But recent intelligence indicates that SoroSuub and their Commerce Guild lackeys now secretly support the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Despite this, the Senate has decided to insist on SoroSuub’s compliance with manufacturing demands, believing no treachery could be possible under its diligent eye.

As your recent excursion to Gauther revealed, this diligence was almost insufficient. A rogue SoroSuub employee decided to act against the Republic anyway. His efforts at betrayal were observed and intercepted by the Grand Army, by this squad particularly. You have captured his clandestine delivery package, stopping his initial plan. But that agent is still at large and could initiate another hand-off of classified data.

We have tracked the rogue agent to the first planet in the nearby Arda system. The population there is nominally friendly to the Republic. One local governor has invited the Grand Army to set up a covert base there, which we have done, and from which we launch occasional commando operations that support the Outer Rim Sieges.

The population and the covert base are extremely useful to us. But the intelligence carried by the rogue agent is too valuable to lose, even if it means suppressing a friendly population. You are therefore ordered to proceed to Arda 1, take command of the operation forces there, and execute Order 37.

No additional briefing will follow.

A Plan, Precisely Executed

Report: Shake-out mission, 33-Squad under new command, 724 days after Geonosis.

Objectives completed. Intel intercepted, recovered, parsed. No casualties. Minimal resistance.

Acting on data from the Ministry of Intelligence, the newly-formed 33-Squad, under the command of Sergeant Dead-Eye, landed on the ice planet of Gauther to search for a probe droid.

The commandos tracked the missing probe droid from the sight of its crashed transport. They captured it and secured its data. Their mission accomplished, the commandos seem to have taken a few extra days to survey local creatures and terrain hazards.

Experience: +15 (175 total after character creation)
Duty: +10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: N/A



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