Rocket Tube


Skill: Gunnery; Encumbrance: 4; Hard Points: 3; Price: 2,000 (Restricted); Rarity: 6; Special: Prepare 1, Limited Ammo 1

The Rocket Tube is a very basic version of the Missile Tube. It is slightly smaller and loads only one projectile at a time. For ease of carrying, the tube collapses, halving its length.

Unlike missiles, rockets are “dumb” weapons. They lack the sophisticated targeting and tracking equipment of missiles; troopers must employ careful aim to put the ordinance on target.

Manifold Rocket Tube: A more expensive version comes with an attached magazine (Price 3,800, Encumbrance 6, Limited Ammo 6).

Models Include: RPS-1, RPS-6, Krupx Minimag


Rockets serve as ammunition for missile tubes. They are functionally identical to missiles except that they halve their Blast rating (rounded up), lose the Guided special quality if they had it, and they add one level of the Inaccurate special quality. The following rocket statistics are derived from the missile rules in Dangerous Covenants.

  • Concussion Rocket: Damage: 14; Critical: 4; Range: Extreme; Price: 200; Rarity: 8; Special: Blast 5, Concussive 3, Disorient 5, Inaccurate 1
  • Fragmentation Rocket: Damage: 12; Critical: 4; Range: Extreme; Price: 75; Rarity: 7; Special: Blast 6, Inaccurate 1
  • Plasma Rocket: Damage: 16; Critical: 3; Range: Medium; Price: 160; Rarity: 8; Special: Blast 7, Cumbersome 3, Inaccurate 2, Pierce 2
  • Proton Rocket: Damage: 20; Critical: 2; Range: Extreme; Price: 250; Rarity: 8; Special: Blast 5, Breach 1, Cumbersome 3, Inaccurate 1
  • Incendiary Rocket: Damage: 10; Critical: 3; Range: Extreme; Price: 145; Rarity: 7; Special: Blast 5, Burn 3, Inaccurate 1



The RPS-1 is a rocket tube, a man-portable unguided anti-vehicle weapon. It is manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. and is used by both the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic.

Lighter and cheaper than a missile launcher, an RPS can be slung over the shoulder and is often carried as an add-on for missions anticipating armor contact. The weapon fires a single rocket loaded from a side port. (The more costly RPS-6 attaches a magazine of six rockets for uninterrupted firing.)

RPS proton rockets are capable of threatening armored vehicles, even those protected by ray shields. A variety of rocket options are available.

Rocket Tube

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