Mortar Launcher


Skill: Gunnery; Range: Long and Extreme range only; Encumbrance: 4; Hard Points: 3; Price: 900 (Restricted); Rarity: 6; Special: Inaccurate 4, Indirect Fire, Prepare 4

A Mortar Launcher is a type of heavy weapon utilized primarily by infantry to attack static enemy emplacements. The angled tube of the weapon integrates complex sighting techniques to lob explosive projectiles. Mortars can be securely fastened on a clone trooper’s back, being light enough to not compromise the trooper’s movement, and deployed in the field with relative ease. Some light vehicles also carry Mortar Launchers.

01_-_18_-_120_mm_Mortar_Bomb__Hesmoke_and_Illuminating__11.jpgMortar Launchers fire heavy grenades that have finned tails designed to stabilize them in flight. They are functionally identical to grenades except that the weapon applies additional qualities. A Mortar Launcher can fire any grenade, although the mortar versions are different than hand grenades. (Mortar projectiles also cannot be thrown, only fired from the tube.)

When firing a mortar grenade from this weapon, the user requires one fewer ADVANTAGE to activate the Blast quality; one if the attack hits, two if it misses.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn, Inc. V-2


Mortars utilize a new weapon quality, described below.

Indirect Fire (Passive): This weapon lobs a projectile into the air, relying on gravity to bring the shot down on the enemy. Weapons that are indirectly fired are aimed using some combination of pre-plotted sighting markers, mathematical computations, and trial-and error attempts.

Attacks made with Indirect Fire weapons do not utilize Agility. They instead pair the Intellect Characteristic with the appropriate skill (usually Gunnery). Indirect Fire weapons can fire at targets in their listed range band and one band shorter. They cannot target anything closer to the weapon.

Indirect Fire weapons home in on their targets over multiple shots. Each consecutive round in which the weapon shoots at the same target, it reduces its Inaccurate rating by one. This benefit is lost if the target is mobile or changes position.


Targeting Assist Computer

This attachment replaces low-tech targeting techniques with a sophisticated process that relies on computer modeling and orbital guidance. This attachment only functions if the weapon user is in contact with an overhead satellite, space or aircraft, orbital station, or independent spotter.

Base Modifiers: Removes up to 2 DRAWBACK dice on any checks to use this weapon due to terrain, cover, smoke, or any other obscurement or cover.

Modification Options: 4 remove one Inaccurate rating Mods.

Hard points Required: 2.

Cost: 775 credits


Mortar Launcher

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