Heavy Grenade Launcher


Skill: Gunnery; Damage: 8; Critical: 4; Range: Long; Encumbrance: 8; Hard Points: 4; Price: 2,250 (Restricted); Rarity: 7; Special: Linked 2, Cumbersome 5, Limited Ammo 36

The final stage of Clone Wars Era grenade launcher development, the heavy grenade launcher’s large capacity and high rate of fire allow its user to dominate the battlefield. It is particularly effective for suppressing hot landing zones and is a favorite door-gunner weapon during troop-landing actions. A heavy grenade launcher uses an underslung configuration making it ideal for use with a load-bearing sling. (See the Weapon Harness Weapon Attachment in Age of Rebellion).

The Heavy Grenade Launcher expends exactly three rounds of ammunition per use, whether or not the Linked quality is activated. The Heavy Grenade Launcher can be loaded with any number of different types of grenades; the internal spin drum magazines instantly load any set of three grenades the user desires for each salvo fired. If different grenade types are fired together, they apply in the order fired. The first applies if the attack hits, plus the second if Linked activates once, and all three when Linked activates twice. With enough ADVANTAGE, the user can activate Blast for any of the thee grenades he desires.

The listed price does not include ammunition. Grenades for a grenade launcher cost one-half the cost of equivalent hand grenade when purchased in cases of 6. These are different than hand grenades (grenade launcher projectiles also cannot be thrown, they must be fired from a grenade launcher or heavy grenade launcher). The profile above represents statistics for standard frag grenades.

Models Include: Merr-Sonn MM-s3


Heavy Grenade Launcher

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