Thirty-Three (33-Squad) is the nickname for a military unit in the Grand Army of the Republic. The group began its service as a nine-member squad in the regular army, but was soon upgraded to a 20-member troop in the Special Operations Brigade. The unit’s official designation is Troop K4A, but is called “33-Squad” for informal or semi-formal reference.

Thirty-Three has served with distinction in a number of covert actions, particularly in the Outer Rim. Although it frequently attended particular Jedi in their missions, including Commander Ganodi and General Lenric, 33-Squad otherwise operates under the command of a Sergeant Major (CT-2401 “Sarge”).

As a commando group, 33-Squad is not subject to the normal unit standards for composition. It encompasses an irregular number of clone troopers and an eclectic array of attached vehicles. It also commands assets assigned from the Republic Navy. At the moment, 33-Squad has access to the following assets:


Clone Troopers: Amber, Crash, Dead-Eye, Fingers, Ghost, Spanner, Sarge, Slicey, Shakes, Snake, Torro, Torque, and several additional troopers assigned on a rotational basis

Vehicles: GAR Personnel Movers (Utility Lift Boat, The Tank)


Fondorian Reservists: Crew of the RAS Doom Wail Transport Element (one ships captain, one bridge officer, and three deck crew from the Fondorian Naval Reserves)

Ships: Doom Wail Transport Element (Doom Wail)


Clone Naval Personnel: Crew of the Gray Talon Fighter-Bomber Section (two pilots, two navigational specialists, and two gunnery specialists from the Reserve Squadron, Dellon-One Flight)

Ships: Gray Talon Fighter-Bomber Section (Legion I and Legion II)


The active members of 33-Squad have the following Dissociations:

01 – 14 Dead-Eye Rage Fuge
15 – 29 Fingers Paranoia
30 – 44 Shakes Hallucinations
45 – 49 Snake Death Wish
50 – 54 Snake Obsession
55 – 59 Snake Shell Shock
60 – 74 Torque Identity Crisis
75 Torque Shell Shock


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