Fondorian Reservists


Fondorians are a near-human species, distinguished by their purple blood and lack of body hair.

Fondorian society is stratified into castes. Low-caste Fondorians traditionally have only one name, their family name. The Imperial warlord Zsinj inherited such a trait from his Fondorian father, a shipyard mechanic. Social mobility is possible for low-caste Fondorians

Upper-caste Fondorians are extremely intelligent and regal beings who believed themselves smarter than any other species in the galaxy. They are very sharp thinkers and are able to manipulate business deals to suit them. For this reason, Fondor is one of the wealthiest planets in the galaxy.


The crew of the RAS Doom Wail Transport Element is entirely Fondorian, personnel from the Fondorian Naval Reserves. Like many other planetary navies that fill out the bulk of the Republic Navy, Fondorian crews serve together in tight-nit groups, even when manning Republic vessels (those not originating from their own planetary military).

The Fondorian reservists include one ships captain, one bridge officer, and three deck crew.

Fondorian Reservists

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