The Grand Army of the Republic

Showdown on Coruscant


My old nemesis, Tal Lenric, beat the odds and evaded my predictive models. He brought just enough force to bear at Efiga to capture a vital cache of intel. We did not have enough personnel to guard every asset sufficiently, so we played the odds. And for the second time, we lost. We cannot afford to lose again.

Do you recall when each active commando squad at Coruscant was assigned to a Jedi diplomat headed for the Council of Independent Systems? Squad Seven accompanied me to Prev. At the same time, Lenric was accompanied to Balnab 1 by his own commando team. These same clones are the tools that Lenric now wields against us. Perhaps he sowed the seeds of loyalty in them at that time, or perhaps he had no idea they would be so useful later. It does not matter which.

Lenric’s tools are the “commandos” you know as 33-Squad. I recall that you encountered them after their success at Giacca, following the Long Base red zero. Your commando group (and the others) reported to me that this squad appeared to be no more than a lucky set of clones of no particular training or abilities. Well, luck and probabilities are fodder for the Force, my old friend. After predicting their future models, I tried killing them off in the jungles of Jagomir. Only their doctor was ever suspicious of me. I got a few of their squad, but the ones with me ended up saving my life. They were redeployed before I could fully recover and finish them off. That was our first loss.

Here’s the new mission, Watchmaster. Your commando group will have to stop Lenric’s commandos. You once told me that Squad Seven could wipe the floor with them. Now is the time to prove it. The intel they captured shows where we are weak. It also contains the secret to my predictive models. We cannot shuffle our forces without them anticipating exactly how we do it. They will strike where we have the fewest soldiers, where you and the rest of Seven Squad are stationed. They have the best chance of success there, but I don’t think their chances are good enough. I think Seven Squad is more than a match for 33. To avoid tainting the defense in a way that Lenric could now predict, I leave to you the exact details of how best to protect the asset at Coral Tower.

May the Force be with you.

- Alano Guiar

Experience: 40 xp (450.0)



Randy Randy

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