The Grand Army of the Republic

Ganodi Mortuus Est

Haruspex Ultra,

Code-Name Camera reports that kill order 219 was carried out. The Jedi Rodian Ganodi is now dead. Genetic printing confirms her identity. Her weapon was recovered but missing its vital component, a green kyber crystal.

Camera has prepared “enhanced” holo recordings for broadcast. The Jedi apparently put up no resistance. Or perhaps its resistance was to appeal to the emotional/biological nature of our clone soldiers. That attempt was incredibly misguided. Holo-images will need to edit out a portion of the Rodian’s head, which seems to be missing. Camera will otherwise fabricate the necessary measure of the Jedi’s physical resistance for the news report.

In service,

Haruspex Mediuum

Experience: 20 xp (345)
Duty: 10 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none



Randy Randy

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