The Grand Army of the Republic


Jedi Lenric’s plan unfolds. It seems that the Jedi Guiar has taken incredible steps to avoid having his own beliefs and expectations taint the effectiveness of his predictive models. The clues that Jedi Lenric’s clone allies have collected suggest that Jedi Guiar has removed important memories from his brain and hidden them in a holocron. Jedi Lenric believes he knows the location of this holocron.

But to evade traps laid by the powerful predictive abilities of the Jedi Guiar, unpredictable actions become the norm. Jedi Lenric chose to invade an orbital station above Efiga and obtain a vital pass-combination. There he might be forced to kill hundreds of sentient beings who oppose him, something Jedi Guiar would not Jedi Lenric morally capable of.

The desolate planet Efiga is a coated with the wrecks of hundreds of thousands of spacecraft, a legacy of just one battle of the Great Hyperspace War, fought in this system. Beneath this wreckage lurks something even older, some buried ruins dating back to the Immortal Empire. It is in these ruins, within a pass-coded vault, that Jedi Lenric believes will be found the holocron containing Jedi Guiar’s important memories. Jedi Lenric intends to transmit the pass-combination to a select team of clone allies once he extracts it from its hiding place on the orbital station.

This clone team’s first mission, upon entering Efiga space, was to insert Jedi Lenric into the orbital station, then make planetfall, find the hidden vault, and open it after Jedi Lenric transmits the code. But their CR90 Corvette came under fire the moment it left hyperspace. The team was able to weather the attack, insert Jedi Lenric using an escape pod aimed at the orbital station, and then land their damaged craft, hiding it amid the other wreckage.

Experience: 10.0 xp (410.0)
Duty: +0 (Dead-Eye, Fingers, Shakes, Snake, Torque)
Dissociation: none



Randy Randy

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